Positioning Your Brand for Success in Thailand with Zest Creative

Brand Positioning

Positioning Your Brand for Success in Thailand with Zest Creative

Thailand is a dynamic market full of opportunities for brands, but you need an effective positioning strategy to connect with local consumers. With our deep expertise in Thai culture and branding, Zest Creative is ideally suited to help develop and execute positioning that resonates.

First, ZestĀ  will get to know your brand intimately through research and discussions with your team. What are your brand values, personality, and vision? What do your audiences think about your brand, and at what part of their day will they engage with your brand? What differentiates you in the market? What perceptions and emotions would you like to create?

Next, we conduct competitor analysis and dive deep into consumer insights in Thailand. What motivates and influences Thai consumers? How do competitor brands measure on these parameters? How does your brand measure on these parameters? This helps uncover whitespace opportunities for your brand positioning.

With all these inputs, Zest’s strategic branding team develops a positioning platform tailored specifically to thrive in the Thai market. We define messaging, personality attributes, tone of voice, visual identity guidelines and more to make your positioning consistently come to life.

Zest turns this platform into action through branded touchpoints. We design brand assets like digital marketing content, websites, apps, signage, packaging, marketing materials and more to reinforce your market positioning. Zest’s local expertise ensures relevant nuances are incorporated into each touchpoint.

Ongoing market tracking and consumer research keeps your positioning evolving with market changes. Zest becomes a long-term positioning partner, not just a project-based creative agency.

Here are some examples of branding touchpoints that Zest Creative can design to reinforce brand positioning in the Thai market:


Storefront signs, window displays, interior signs

Branded signage in malls, hotels, schools, tourist attractions and public facilities

Billboard ads


Product packaging and labels

Unique packaging shapes and textures

Promotional Materials

Brochures, flyers, posters

Booth displays for events and expos

Giveaway merchandise such bags, pens and toys

Digital Assets

Website layouts and content

Social media graphics and ads

Banner ads, email templates

Spatial Experiences

Retail store layouts and visual merchandising

Trade show booth designs

Pop-up shops, brand experiences

Video Content

TV commercials

Online video ads

Instructional/brand story videos

Print Advertising

Magazine and newspaper ads

Advertorial content

PR Materials

Press kits, media releases

Presentation decks

And any other branded collateral needed to convey consistent brand positioning.

If you need your brand to stand out and connect with Thai consumers, Zest Creative has the strategic branding capabilities and Thai marketing experience to make it happen. Get in touch today to explore how their comprehensive approach can set your brand up for success.