Boost Your Brand’s Online Reach with These 8 Digital PR Tactics

Boost Your Brand’s Online Reach with These 8 Digital PR Tactics

Digital public relations allows brands to expand their audience and increase awareness through promotional activities on digital channels. With consumers spending more time engaging online, brands need comprehensive digital PR strategies to maximise their reach.

This article looks at 8 impactful tactics brands should leverage as part of a strategic digital PR plan to extend their visibility and influence:

  • Conduct Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Audience

    Actively posting visual content and engaging followers across social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn enables brands to build communities and increase visibility. We highly recommend to produce shareable content on a consistent schedule with a single brand ‘voice’, optimise hashtags and keywords, and identify viral trends to expand your social media following.

  • Recruit Industry Micro-Influencers and Macro-Influencers

    Influencer marketing collaborations are a powerful digital PR technique. Partnering with niche micro-influencers provides targeted promotion to highly-engaged followers and allows greater flexibility in your campaign. Macro-influencers with wider reach can further amplify branded content and messaging.

  • Secure Contributed Blog Posts on Relevant Sites

    Guest posting on industry blogs builds backlinks while positioning your brand as a thought leader. Prioritise high domain authority sites that align with your target customers’s desires. Ensure contributed posts provide value through insightful commentary and expertise.

  • Promote Brand Content Through Blogs, Videos and Podcasts

    Creating compelling branded content like blog posts, explainers, videos and podcasts boosts search visibility and attracts visitors from search and social when optimised and promoted. Focus on topics that appeal to your audience that align with your brand promise and message.

  • Build High-Quality Backlink Earning Strategies

    Securing placements on reputable, high-traffic websites through blogger outreach is a top digital PR priority. Placements on authoritative sites drive referral traffic and improve search rankings. Focus efforts on securing backlinks from relevant sites.

  • Distribute and Promote Press Releases Online

    Upload newsworthy press releases to online PR wire services like PRWeb and This gains syndicated visibility. Promote releases by sharing on social media, pitching to journalists, and embedding on your site.

  • Foster Relationships with Digital Journalists

    Build connections with journalists at digital publications your customers follow. Pitch relevant trend stories, data or experts from your business. Securing editorial coverage raises credibility and brand awareness.

  • Listen and Join Relevant Online Conversations

    Monitor discussions on social media, blogs, forums and review sites using listening tools. Interact and share branded content where your audiences are actively engaged. Being part of the conversation expands reach.

Implementing a strategic mix of these digital PR tactics will help your brand maximise online awareness, build credibility, and extend your marketing reach tremendously. Measure results and double down on the tactics that best resonate with your audiences.

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