Leveraging Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business in Thailand

Influencer Marketing

Leveraging Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business in Thailand

Influencer marketing has become a powerful strategy for brands looking to expand their reach in Thailand and Southeast Asia. This guide will examine what influencer marketing is, why it can benefit your business, and how to leverage it effectively.

What is Influencer Marketing in Thailand?

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with influential social media figures to promote your products or services to their large followings of engaged audiences. Popular influencers in areas such as fashion, travel, tech, and more can provide Thai brands access to new demographics.

Why Influencer Marketing Works for Businesses in Thailand

There are several key benefits influencer marketing offers brands trying to grow in the Thai market:

  • Increased Brand Awareness in Thailand – Influencers expose your brand to new potential customers within their loyal follower base, expanding your reach.

  • Improved Brand Trust and Credibility – Followers see influencer recommendations as more authentic than traditional ads. They are an authentic conversation that establishes credibility.

  • Highly Targeted Promotions – You can identify influencers whose niche precisely matches your target Thai demographic for relevant promotions.

  • Valuable Social Proof – Followers more readily purchase or invest in products endorsed by influencers they admire, providing social cachet.

  • Cost-Effective Strategy – Influencer promotions are relatively low cost, and with wider reach, compared to other advertising approaches in Thailand.
Influencer Marketing

How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Business in Thailand

The key is finding influencers in your niche with an engaged, relevant following. When vetting influencers look for:

  • High follower counts in your target demographic
  • Consistent engagement and shares on posts
  • Reputation for quality, authentic content
  • Content topics and tone relevant to your brand
  • Reasonable engagement rates and fees

Getting started with influencer marketing in Thailand doesn’t have to be a challenge. The experts at Zest Creative can help develop the perfect influencer strategy for your business goals and target audience.

If, for example, you represent a hotel, a traditional approach would be to focus on influencers only in the travel sector. Zest Creative’s experts, however, see the bigger role that travel plays in the minds of consumers. We research your brand’s identity to understand what makes you special, such as a sense of luxury, CSR initiatives, the food ethos and so on, to select key influencers in each of these sectors to build up a ‘big picture’ of your brand and widen your hotel’s appeal.

Similarly, for a property development we identify its unique appeal within the lifestyle of the target audiences, as a gateway for owners to enjoy improved lifestyles. We then connect it to influencers in each of these lifestyle sectors, such as golf, travel, schools and education, fitness, shopping, luxury and so on. The end result is a balanced and informative campaign that increases the digital ‘catchment area’ and increases revenue.

Zest Creative has relationships with influencers in Thailand across many niches. Our team can identify the right influencers to promote your brand’s message and drive real results. We handle all coordination and campaign management.

With Zest Creative’s influencer marketing services, you get:

  • Access to vetted influencers that match your brand
  • Campaign targeting your ideal Thai demographics
  • Full service coordination and management
  • Reporting and optimization to maximise ROI

Stop missing out on the business growth opportunities of influencer marketing in Thailand. Contact us today to have them craft a high-impact influencer campaign tailored for your brand.