Creative Manager


Required to manage creative projects as head of a team. You will be responsible for developing original strategies and creative concepts, in coordination with the management team, overseeing, improving and maintaining online and offline content, and working with the design team to meet deadlines. You will also be required to meet clients to collect concept briefs.

Job Description:

  • Develop content strategies aligned with short-term and long-term marketing targets, both internally and with the client.
  • Maintain a keen understanding of market trends to make appropriate recommendations regarding design projects and digital strategies.
  • Develop content for online and offline projects with the creative team.
  • Manage content distribution to online channels and social media platforms to increase consumer engagement.


  • Self-motivated and keen to learn.
  • Experience in the branding industry is essential.
  • Ability to organise multiple projects is essential.
  • Good analytical skills are important.
  • Experience of content development is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of digital media, apps and new media is an advantage.
  • English language skills are preferable.

Graphic / Web Designer

Job Role:

To work as part of the design team to help deliver high-quality creative web design and artwork for local and international clients. Chosen candidate will be able to work efficiently within a team and will report to the creative manager as necessary.


  • Bachelor degree in fine arts, applied design, web design, web communications or similar subject required.
  • Industry experience is preferred
  • English listening and speaking skills are required
  • Efficient and clean working style
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and WordPress CMS
  • Working knowledge of web CMS systems (WordPress)
  • Knowledge of basic programming languages preferred (CSS/HTML)
  • Understanding of web UX and UI development
  • Portfolio of web and graphic design work

Candidates will be chosen on the quality of their design work.

คุณสมบัติ และ ทักษะ

  • จบปริญาตรีในสาขานิเทศศาสตร์ การโฆษณา เว็บดีไซน์ หรือสาขาอื่นๆ ที่เกี่ยวข้อง
  • ถนัดงานเรียบแต่มีสไตล์
  • ใช้งานโปรแกรมกราฟิกหลักๆ Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress CMS ได้ชำนาญ หรือโปรแกรมอื่นๆ ที่เกี่ยวข้อง
  • มีความรู้พื้นฐานด้านภาษา CSS/HTML มีความเข้าใจในเรื่องของ Web UX และ UI development
  • ถ้ามีประสบการณ์ในการทำงานและสื่อสารภาษาอังกฤษได้จะพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ